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Galleria di lux - Hyderabad

Galleria Di Lux, a destination for genuine luxury, a multi-brand luxury fashion store launches it's third store at Hyderabad, India. The brand is on a mission to bring a platform with wide range of premium luxury products from the world's renowned luxury fashion labels, it has an exhilarating assortment of products which includes bags, shoes, leather goods, accessories and much more that have been hand-picked to suit the unique fashion requirements of both men and women.

The store concept and furniture design developed by The Dwell Theory boasts elegance, simplicity and minimalism through it's neutral ambiance with tones of grey and white with a highlight of metals and perforated partitions here and there. The neutral setting and versatile furniture gives the possibility of displaying their products in multiple ways thus maintaining the focus on the products itself.

Galleria Di Lux embarks upon Hyderabad with a special guest Francesca E. Versace, a glamorous fashion show presenting her new collection!



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